Temple of the Oracle

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Affiliation InformationPhysical Information

Temple of the Oracle
Temple on Ithor.png
Geological Information
Planet, System Ithor (16, 14)
City (6, 6)
Architectural Information
Class Temple
Architect Unknown
Construction Firm Unknown
Constructed Date Pre -12,000BBY
GCS Registry ID# Pending
Owner Unknown
Role Worship
Floors Unknown
Rooms Unknown
Population Unknown
Points of Interest Unknown
Ruins Information
Estimated Date of Fall Constructed pre- 12,000 BBY
Cause of Fall Ithorian migration off-planet.

This site was re-discovered by Wynk Waawat on his pilgrimage to Ithor in Year 24. According to his log:

"It was a place deeply connected to the force. To Mother Jungle. To Ithor, and Ithorians past. Constructed before the days of repulsorlifts and herdships. Back when my people walked the earth, because we knew no other way. How far we have come. A stone chest sat on a dias. Dusty, vine-wrapped, and heavy. The vines retreated at my request, and the key turned slow and heavy in the lock. I am not ready to share all that I saw in there, but I took with me a book, a ring, two perfectly preserved bafforr seeds, and a staff of petrified bafforr wood that belonged to the First Oracle.