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The Hive is the esteemed Archive Division of the Galactic Conservation Society (GCS), dedicated to the preservation, organization, and accessibility of invaluable knowledge and artifacts from across the galaxy. Serving as a beacon of wisdom and historical significance, The Hive is led by the renowned Chevin archivist, Kuvvax Guttix, in his capacity as the Director.


The Hive stands as a testament to the Galactic Conservation Society's unwavering commitment to conserving and safeguarding the galaxy's rich cultural, scientific, and historical heritage. With its vast collection of records, manuscripts, artifacts, and data, The Hive is an invaluable resource for researchers, historians, scientists, and those seeking to explore the mysteries of the galaxy's past.

Facilities and Location[edit]

Located within the prestigious District 2, The Hive finds its home within the galactic cityscape. Nestled among the towering structures and vibrant surroundings, this architectural marvel houses the sprawling archives, research facilities, and exhibition spaces that comprise The Hive.

The interior of The Hive features a meticulously designed layout, incorporating state-of-the-art archival systems, climate-controlled chambers, and advanced security measures. These measures ensure the preservation and protection of the delicate and often irreplaceable items housed within its walls.

Collections and Services[edit]

The Hive boasts a diverse array of collections, spanning multiple disciplines and eras. Its holdings encompass a wide range of subjects, including history, culture, biology, ecology, technology, and more. From ancient manuscripts and holographic recordings to biological specimens and archaeological artifacts, The Hive's collections serve as a comprehensive repository of knowledge and insights into the galaxy's past, present, and future.

The Archive Division offers an array of services to facilitate research, study, and exploration. Scholars, scientists, and members of the public can access the collections for educational purposes, engaging in in-depth research or conducting specialized studies. The Hive also collaborates with other academic and research institutions, fostering a spirit of cooperation and the sharing of knowledge across the galaxy.

Kuvvax Guttix: Director of The Hive[edit]

At the helm of The Hive is the esteemed Chevin archivist, Kuvvax Guttix. Known for his unparalleled expertise in archival sciences, Guttix brings decades of experience and a deep passion for preservation to his role as Director. Widely respected within the Galactic Conservation Society and the wider academic community, Guttix is renowned for his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Described as a hermit and known for his grumpy demeanor, Guttix finds solace and joy amidst the vast archives of The Hive. His profound knowledge and meticulous approach to archival management ensure the continued success and integrity of The Hive's collections. Under his leadership, The Hive has earned a reputation as a center of excellence and a sanctuary for the galaxy's wealth of knowledge.


The Hive, the Archive Division of the Galactic Conservation Society, stands as a beacon of intellectual curiosity and preservation. Through its extensive collections, world-class facilities, and dedicated leadership, The Hive strives to conserve the galaxy's collective memory and facilitate the exploration and understanding of its remarkable past.